Coaching Offer!!

The 2023/4 introductory offer is: 1 months’ coaching for £160 and then £100 per month thereafter! (The usual cost is £160 per month). Training-Pro offer this coaching package with the same dedication and care whether you’re a World Champion or leisure rider. We offer the type of knowledge and experience that can only be learned through years in the peloton. Let us help you reach your cycling goals!

Coaching Software

We use Training Peaks software to prescribe, monitor and log your training. You will receive an email each day which outlines tomorrow’s training plan. Upload your training from your heart rate / power meter and clearly view your physiological changes. We will structure your training into ‘phases’ so you reach your best ‘form’ at the correct time.

Scientific Monitoring and Testing

We work closely with the Center for Sports Performance at Leeds Beckett University. We can test/monitor your ability, progress and potential in world class laboratories. You will have access to your current training zones, body composition and importantly be able to accurately monitor your improvements.

Clients Receive:

  • One to one bespoke monthly training plan – personal to you!
  • Unlimited phone / text contact (9am-7pm). Communication is key!
  • Free Training Peaks program and phone app plus daily emails
  • Dynamic plan revisions to accommodate work/family/life constraints
  • Lab testing at Leeds Beckett University Performance Labs (extra cost)
  • Training and event nutrition advice. An engine is nothing without fuel!

We are proud to work with:

Training-Pro work closely with class-leading organisations. You will have access to ground breaking aerodynamic analysis with Veloptima, expert Physiotherapy from Elite Physio and the ultimate in scientific testing at the Center for Sports Performance at Leeds Beckett University.

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Elite Physio
Leeds Beckett University