Training-Pro is owned and run by Tom Barras. Tom is the ex Team Manager / DS of UCI Continental Professional Cycling Team NFTO. Tom managed the team to many high profile victories including winning 50% of the National RR Series. Tom managed the team through many foreign UCI races, not forgetting Le Tour de Yorkshire and the Tour of Britain. Tom has personally coached half of the team including NFTO’s highest profile riders. Before Managing NFTO, Tom was himself a rider for NFTO in 2015 and has previously ridden for 11 UCI teams, including a 6 year period living and racing in Belgium. Tom has over 100 race wins to his name, proving that success comes from hard work, precise training and not necessarily physical talent.

Our mission

To offer you a personal training/mentoring program to help you to be the best cyclist you can be. We are data driven, but it’s the human side of cycling where Training-Pro excel. People are not machines and we will not expect you to perform like one!

Core benefits

  • Guidance / support all the way
  • A dynamic plan which moulds to you
  • Expert tactical advice
  • Fatigue monitoring
  • Fitness tracking and analysis
  • Years of race experience
  • Easy to follow training structure
  • Data analysis / explanation
  • Phased training cycles

Our skills

Race Craft