Dr David Stone MBE. Olympic Gold Medallist and World Champion Paralympian.

I started working with Tom in the run up to the London Paralympics in 2012. Over 20 years in the sport, I was looking for a different approach and lacked motivation. Tom has a wealth of scientific based training knowledge, but what’s unique is his ability to apply it which is due to being a top cyclist for much of his life. Tom set a training program that he tinkered with in response to my feedback and from analyzing my data through TrainingPeaks. I rode with Tom a lot, and still do, allowing Tom to give feedback on my riding style. Tom’s charisma makes him incredibly engaging and motivational. Tom took the stress out of training and played a significant role in me winning the Gold Medal in London, and plenty of medals after. He’s the chap to blame for me having my face on a Stamp! David.

Simon Gueller. Michelin Starred Chef.

I found cycling around 5 years ago whilst working as a Chef. I was stressed and over weight. I met Tom shortly afterwards and Tom showed me how to train and get the best out of myself. I since have lost 4 stones of weight and completed the ‘TDF 1 Day Ahead’ event where I rode the full distance of the Tour De France last year. Tom has been supportive, motivating and has offered sound advice from start to finish. My FTP and power to weight have never been so high and I have never enjoyed riding more! Simon.

Jonny McEvoy. Professional Cyclist and Paris Roubaix finisher.

I have known of Tom since 2008-9 when I started to ride on the UK cycling scene. Tom was always friendly and had a good laugh. In 2015 we became team-mates on NFTO. In 2016 Tom became the manager of the team. Tom always managed to get the best out of me and the rest of the team and made us believe in ourselves. In June 2016, I asked Tom to coach me. I felt that Tom helped me to race at my best throughout the season and I knew if I did what he said I would perform well. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting to progress at any level of the sport. JMC